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Table 2 The intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC) analysis

From: Radiologic comparison of posterior release, internal distraction, final PSO and spinal fusion with one-stage posterior vertebral column resection for multi-level severe congenital scoliosis

Item ICC(95% CI)
Segmental curve(°) 0.81(0.78-0.85)
Main curve(°) 0.78(0.70-0.83)
Compensatory cranial curve(°) 0.91(0.84-0.93)
Compensatory caudal curve (°) 0.81(0.77-0.84)
Coronal balance(cm) 0.83(0.79-0.88)
Sagittal balance(cm) 0.86(0.81-0.92)
T5-12 kyphosis(°) 0.78(0.71-0.82)
L1-S1 lordosis(°) 0.85(0.81-0.9)