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Table 1 The material properties of the finite element model

From: Treatment of thoracolumbar burst fractures by short-segment pedicle screw fixation using a combination of two additional pedicle screws and vertebroplasty at the level of the fracture: a finite element analysis

Component name Young’s modulus (Mpa) Poisson ratio, y Element type
Cortical bone 12,000 0.3 tetrahedral
Cancellous bone (normal) 345 0.2 tetrahedral
Cancellous bone (osteoporosis) 70 0.2 tetrahedral
(Calcium sulfate)
147 0.3 tetrahedral
Posterior element 3500 0.25 tetrahedral
Endplate 12,000 0.3 tetrahedral
Disc-annulus 4.2 0.45 Prism
Disc-nucleus 6 0.499 Prism
Annuls fiber 500 0.3 tri
Rigid body 10,000,000 0.4 tetrahedral
Titanium 110,000 0.3 tetrahedral