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Table 4 Percentage of agreement (PA) and Cohen’s Kappa coefficient with 95% confidence interval for accuracy, defined as SFR classification compared with gold standard classification (GS) for all humerus fractures

From: Validity of humerus fracture classification in the Swedish fracture register

  SFR vs GS
  PA Kappa (95% CI)
AO/OTA group (4 signs) 61% 0.57 (0.47-0.67)
AO/OTA type (3 signs) 75% 0.66 (0.55-0.76)
  1. AO/OTA group – 4 signs refer to a full AO/OTA classification with 4 signs e.g. 11A1. AO/OTA type – 3 signs refer to a simplified AO/OTA classification with 3 signs only e.g. 11A