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Table 5 Logistic regression models on the outcome parameter “implant survival”

From: Factors influencing treatment success of negative pressure wound therapy in patients with postoperative infections after Osteosynthetic fracture fixation

Survival of the implant Multiple logistic regression modela
Influencing Parameter vs. OR [95% CI] p
Bacterial mixture Yes No 5.0 [1.41–17.92] 0.0126
No detectable germ No 3.4 [0.82–14.11] 0.0932
Time point of infection late acute 5.1 [1.93–13.41] 0.0010
Soft tissue damage
 Open grade 0–2 Closed 2.6 [0.76–8.78] 0.1262
 Open grade 3–4 Closed 10.2 [1.88–55.28] 0.0072
  1. All p-values presented are two-tailed, and p-values lower than 0.05 were considered statistically significant, 95% confidence level (CI)
  2. aoutcome: implant survival until bony consolidation (yes/no), independent variables: bacterial mixture (dummy coding (yes/no (reference category)/no detectable germ), time of infection (postoperative/late onset), and soft tissue damage (dummy coding (open grade 0–2/open grade 3–4/closed (reference category)