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Table 4 Logistic regression models on the outcome parameter “infection cured”

From: Factors influencing treatment success of negative pressure wound therapy in patients with postoperative infections after Osteosynthetic fracture fixation

Cure of Infection Multiple logistic regression modela
Influencing Parameters vs. OR [95% CI] p
CRP – discharge ≤ 20 mg/l > 20 mg/l 3.6 [1.31-10.08] 0.0134
Change of microbial strain Yes No 3.2 [1.13-8.99] 0.0289
  1. All p-values presented are two-tailed, and p-values lower than 0.05 were considered statistically significant, 95% confidence level (CI)
  2. aoutcome: infection cured (yes/no), independent variables: CRP – discharge (≤20 mg/l vs. >20mg/l), change in microbial strain (yes/no), and survival of the implant until bony consolidation (yes/no)