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Table 3 Correlations between metabolic equivalents (METs) derived from performance tests on day of intake, self-reported disability and from accelerometers among adults with RA (n = 35)

From: Validity of the Nurses’ health study physical activity questionnaire in estimating physical activity in adults with rheumatoid arthritis

Variables Correlation Strength 95% Confidence Limits
 With accelerometer METs 0.48 0.15–0.70
 With modified step-test METs 0.50 0.18–0.72
 With disability (MDHAQ) −0.24 −0.54–0.12
Actigraph accelerometer METs
 With modified step-test METs 0.39 0.05–0.64
 With walk-test speed −0.50 −0.71–-0.19
 With disability (MDHAQ) −0.21 −0.51–0.15