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Fig. 1 | BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Fig. 1

From: Altered somatosensory profile according to quantitative sensory testing in patients with degenerative lumbar spine disorders scheduled for surgery

Fig. 1

Somatosensory profile of patients compared to reference data. Somatosensory profiles from the hand (a) (n = 105), upper and lower back (b) (n = 105), thigh (c) (n = 48), and lower leg (d) (n = 48). Z-scores were calculated to standardize the study population values according to the mean and SD from the reference data [37, 38]. A Z-score of >0 indicates a gain of function where the patient is more sensitive, while a Z-score of <0 indicates a loss of function where the patient is less sensitive to test stimuli compared to controls. A Z-score of between −2 and 2 indicates that data is within the 95% confidence interval of the normal standard distribution [39]. CDT, cold detection threshold; WDT, warm detection threshold; CPT, cold pain threshold; HPT, heat pain threshold, PPT, pressure pain threshold

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