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Fig. 2 | BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Fig. 2

From: Analysis of change in gait in the ovine stifle: normal, injured, and anterior cruciate ligament reconstructed

Fig. 2

Principal Component Analysis Scatterplots (combined 4weeks and 20week change from intact data). a The scatterplot of PC1 vs PC2 data reveals that CTRL, ACL-R animals at 4 and 20 weeks post-surgery group together (Group 1), and data for the ACL/MCL Tx group and make up the second group (Group 2) - divided by the arbitrarily placed dashed line. Of note, one ACL-R animal grouped with the ACL/MCL Tx animals. b The scatterplot of PC1 vs PC3 data further reveals some of the variability in the ACL/MCL Tx group with PC3 values ranging from −5 to 5. Additionally, one ACL-R data point also showed a greater loading on PC3 than the majority of CTRL and ACL-R animals that grouped more closely together

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