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Fig. 6 | BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Fig. 6

From: Glutamate signaling through the NMDA receptor reduces the expression of scleraxis in plantaris tendon derived cells

Fig. 6

Results of NMDA a and glutamate b stimulation of cultured plantaris tendon derived cells on scleraxis gene (Scx) expression after 8 h. Scleraxis protein (SCX) after 24 h of NMDA stimulation is shown in c. A significant decrease in scleraxis mRNA can be seen after NMDA and glutamate stimulation. Western blot shows a seemingly dose-dependent decrease in scleraxis protein in cells treated with NMDA as compared to control (CTR). Error bars show standard deviation. (* p < 0.05; ** p < 0.01; *** p < 0.001; n.s. = not significant). n = 3

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