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Table 4 Correlations between the OHS score and the WOMAC scales or the EQ-5D-5 L

From: Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Spanish version of the Oxford Hip Score in patients with hip osteoarthritis

  r/rho p-value
 Pain −0.807a <0.001
 Stiffness −0.686a <0.001
 Functionality −0.893a <0.001
EQ-5D-5 L
 Mobility, −0.768b <0.001
 Self-care, −0.728b <0.001
 Performance of daily-life activities −0.748b <0.001
 Pain/discomfort −0.778b <0.001
 Anxiety/depression −0.562b <0.001
 Utility Index 0.835a <0.001
 VAS 0.575a <0.001
  1. Higher scores in the OHS and EQ-5D-5 L indicate better health condition, and the opposite happens in the case of the WOMAC
  2. OHS Oxford Hip Score, WOMAC Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index
  3. a Pearson’s r
  4. b Spearman’s rho