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Table 2 Exploratory factor analysis of the Oxford Hip Score (OHS) items

From: Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Spanish version of the Oxford Hip Score in patients with hip osteoarthritis

  Exploratory factor analysis 1 factor
Question: During the past 4 weeks… Factor loading Communality
During the past 4 weeks… How would you describe the pain you usually have from your hip? (OHS 1) 0.814 0.662
Have you had any trouble with washing and drying yourself (all over) because of your hip? (OHS 2) 0.791 0.626
Have you had any trouble getting in and out of a car or using public transport because of your hip? (OHS 3) 0.842 0.709
Have you been able to put on a pair of socks, stockings or tights? (OHS 4) 0.738 0.545
Could you do the household shopping on your own? (OHS 5) 0.797 0.635
For how long have you been able to walk before pain from your hip becomes severe? (OHS 6) 0.558 0.311
Have you been able to climb a flight of stairs? (OHS 7) 0.834 0.696
After a meal (sat at a table), how painful has it been for you to stand up from a chair because of your hip? (OHS 8) 0.810 0.656
Have you been limping when walking, because of your hip? (OHS 9) 0.698 0.488
Have you had any sudden, severe pain - ‘shooting’, ‘stabbing’ or ‘spasms’ - from the affected hip? (OHS 10) 0.630 0.396
How much has pain from your hip interfered with your usual work (including housework)? (OHS 11) 0.852 0.726
Have you been troubled by pain from your hip in bed at night? (OHS 12) 0.718 0.515
  1. OHS Oxford Hip Score