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Table 3 Summary of findings

From: Persons with rheumatoid arthritis challenge the relevance of the health assessment questionnaire: a qualitative study of patient perception

Themes and subthemes Defining the experience of…
Problems with individual items frustration when responding to HAQ items
 Missing items wanting to include items in the HAQ not currently there
 Unclear items not knowing how to interpret a specific item
 Unnecessary items answering items perceived as not meaningful
 Static items the same items being scored every time the instrument is used
Meaning of the summative score frustration and insights when trying to understand the summative score
 Capturing overall function how the HAQ may capture a complete picture of function
 Reflecting a temporary state the HAQ as a snapshot of function
 Requiring strategies for interpretation understanding the score in relation to other measurements or the physician’s interpretation
Effects on care and health perceptions positive and negative effects from use of the HAQ in care
 Effects on physician behavior how use of the HAQ would cause some physician behavior
 Effects on understanding of RA how use of the HAQ would cause understanding of health