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Table 1 Back-translation of the Swedish HAQ

From: Persons with rheumatoid arthritis challenge the relevance of the health assessment questionnaire: a qualitative study of patient perception

Category Are you able to…
Dressing and grooming shampoo your hair?
dress yourself, including tying shoelaces and doing buttons?
Arising stand up from an armless straight chair?
get in and out of bed?
Eating cut meat?*
lift a full cup or glass to your mouth?
prepare your own meal?**
Walking walk outdoors on flat ground?
climb down five steps?***
Hygiene wash and dry your entire body?
take a tub bath?
get on and off the toilet?
Reach reach and get down a two-kilogram bag of, for example, sugar from just above your head?
bend down to pick up clothing from the floor?
Grip open car doors?
open jars which have been previously opened?
turn faucets on and off?
Other activities run errands and shop?
get in and out of a car?
  1. Notes: Based on translation by Ekdahl et al. [15]. Four items deviate from the original [14] as follows: *“cut your meat?” **“open a new milk carton?” ***“climb up five steps?”
  2. a“do chores such as vacuuming or yardwork?”