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Table 4 5 Repetition maximum testing (5RM)

From: Study protocol: a double blind randomised control trial of high volume image guided injections in Achilles and patellar tendinopathy in a young active population

Step Protocol
1 Patient to adopt relevant exercise position on specific machine – a or b below:
a. Heel raise on leg press through full dorsi/plantarflexion range (Achilles)
b. Knee extension 0–90° (Patella)
2 Estimate a low warm up load that will allow the participant to complete 10 repetitions ensuring they use the full range available
3 Provide a rest period (1–2 min)
4 Estimate a load that will allow the participant to complete 5 repetitions
5 Participant attempts 5 repetitions
6 Provide a rest period (1–2 min)
7 If successful increase load and repeat test
  Repeat steps 5–7 until participant unable to complete 5 repetitions or pain reaches 4/10 or more.
8 Record final load that the participant completed for 5 repetitions
  1. The 5RM provides an objective marker for load capacity of a certain muscle group. Limitation of this test is that weight can only be added by increments that the machine allows (5Kg/heel raise, 2.5Kg/knee extension). Machine is standardised for every test. Decision to use machines rather than test with free weights is primarily based on safety. Ideally Isokinetic testing would be preferred but is not available