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Table 1 Process evaluation components

From: A multimedia campaign to improve back beliefs in patients with non-specific low back pain: a process evaluation

Component Definition Data collection method
1. Recruitment Procedures used to recruit patients Description and minutes of recruitment procedure
2. Reach Number of patients participating in the study as proportion of patients invited; and number of patients participating in the process evaluation as proportion of patients participating in the study Minutes of research organisation
3. Dose delivered Extent to which the protocol for implementation strategy was delivered by the intervention providers as planned Minutes of research organisation
4. Dose received Extent to which intervention was used by patients Evaluation questionnaire
Login registration data website
Followers data social media
5. Satisfaction Experiences of patients with intervention
Patients’ overall satisfaction with intervention
Evaluation questionnaire
Qualitative interviews
6. Barriers and facilitators Barriers and facilitators for intervention use by patients Qualitative interviews