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Fig. 3

From: Immunogenicity and immunomodulatory effects of the human chondrocytes, hChonJ

Fig. 3

Immunogenecity and immunosuppressive effect of hChonJ. The immunogenicity and immunosuppressive effects of allogeneic hChonJ cells were assessed using an MLR assay with allogeneic PBMCs that were isolated from a MHC mismatched donor. The proliferation of responder PBMCs was measured with 0.5 μCi 3H-thymidine. hChonJ cells did not stimulate allogeneic T cell proliferation (a) and significantly suppressed allogeneic T cell proliferation in a dose-dependent fashion (b). Bars represented the change of 3H-thymidine uptake in comparison with an allogeneic MLR control (100%). Mean values from 4 independent experiments are illustrated (Mean ± SE)

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