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Table 4 Wilcoxon rank sum test between L3-4 and L5-S1 lumbar disc degeneration changes

From: Correlation between intervertebral disc degeneration, paraspinal muscle atrophy, and lumbar facet joints degeneration in patients with lumbar disc herniation

  L3-L4 LMA L3-L4 facet joints L3-L4 LDD
L5-S1 LMA −6.481**(P < 0.01)
L5-S1 facet joints −1.143(P = 0.253)
L5-S1 LDD −1.119(P = 0.263)
  1. LMA lumbar multifidus atrophy, LDD lumbar disc degeneration
  2. **P < 0.01