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Table 5 Overall effectiveness of specific exercise strategy and best evidence synthesis across outcomes on short term

From: Specific or general exercise strategy for subacromial impingement syndrome–does it matter? A systematic literature review and meta analysis

Outcome Inter-group effectivenessa Best evidence synthesis
Pain Yes (moderate [55])
No (moderate [53, 54, 57, 58], low [56])
Insufficient (conflicting) evidence
Function Yes (moderate [55])
No (moderate [53, 54, 57, 58], low [56])
Insufficient (conflicting) evidence
General strength Yes (moderate [54])
No (moderate [55, 57], low [56])
Insufficient (conflicting) evidence
aScapular-stabilizers Yes (moderate [54])
No (low [56])
Limited evidence
aProprioception and clinical tests No (moderate [55, 57])
Yes (moderate [54])
Insufficient evidence
Range of motion No (moderate [54, 55, 57], low [56]) No evidence
  1. a Statistical significant effect between groups in favor of specific exercise intervention