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Table 1 Study eligibility criteria

From: Individualized patient decision-aid for immunosuppressive drugs in women with lupus nephritis: study protocol of a randomized, controlled trial

Inclusion criteria
1. Females with lupus nephritis
2. Currently having a flare of lupus nephritis according to expert rheumatologist and considering change or initiation of an immunosuppressive medication for lupus nephritis (current flare) or had had flare of lupus nephritis in the past and have had experience or discussion of immunosuppressive medication for lupus nephritis who were at risk for a future flare (future flare)
3. Age 18 years or older
4. All racial/ethnic groups
Exclusion Criteria
1. Male patients with lupus nephritis
2. Patients with lupus but no nephritis
3. Patients having kidney flare but medication change is not considered
4. Patients with end stage renal disease on dialysis
5. Patients with a renal transplant or who are candidate for a renal transplant