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Table 2 Success rate, treatment duration and number of visits

From: Towards an optimal therapy strategy for myogenous TMD, physiotherapy compared with occlusal splint therapy in an RCT with therapy-and-patient-specific treatment durations

  Phyiotherapy Splint therapy P-value and significance of difference
Number of patients 37 35  
SR (% patients) at EM 73% 83% 0.339 NS
SR (% patients) at LM 51% 60% 0.487 NS
Duration of treatment [mean, weeks (SD)] 13.8 (6.5) 24.2 (9.2) p < 0.0001
Number of visits [mean, (SD)] 11.5 (2.0) 4.4 (1.1) p < 0.0001
  1. SR, success rate. EM, end-measurement of treatment outcome in the short-term, at the first post-treatment visit. LM, last measurement of treatment outcome in the long-term, at the last post-treatment visit. LM only includes an entire follow-up of 1 year for patients whose treatment continues to be successful from EM. number of visits: from the first visit of treatment (thus excluding the initial visit with intake) to the visit with the last control by the clinician included. squared-Chi test. Student’s t-test for unpaired observations