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Fig. 3

From: Manually defining regions of interest when quantifying paravertebral muscles fatty infiltration from axial magnetic resonance imaging: a proposed method for the lumbar spine with anatomical cross-reference

Fig. 3

Axial MRIs at the L4/5 disc level of a 47 year old male depicting fat- (a) and water-separated (b) chemical shift, and T2- (c) and T1-weighted (d and e; same image cropped anteriorly therein truncating psoas) images. e Dotted lines and shading depicting the regions of interest for: Green - psoas muscle (truncated at the ventral border due to limited visibility in image); Blue – quadratus lumborum muscle; Purple – erector spinae group (longissimus and iliocostalis together); and Red – spinotransverse muscles (predominantly multifidus)

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