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Table 4 Long-term patterns of reporting LBP

From: Individual courses of low back pain in adult Danes: a cohort study with 4-year and 8-year follow-up

  Consistency in LBP categories at the ages 41–45–49
LBP Each time Sometimes Never
none 11% 45% 44%
‘year’ 44% 45% 11%
‘month’ 17% 54% 29%
‘>30 days’ 8% 32% 60%
‘seeking care’ 11% 44% 45%
‘non-trivial’ 6% 27% 67%
  1. The percentage of individuals reporting LBP in various patterns: ‘Each time’ refers to the percentage of people reporting a specific category of LBP at all time points; ‘Sometimes’: the percentage of people with changing status over time; ‘Never’: those people never reporting this type of LBP (N = 293 participating at all three time points)