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Table 1 Measurements in cadaveric specimens from male and female donors combined

From: Glenoid morphology in light of anatomical and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty: a dissection- and 3D-CT-based study in male and female body donors

Measurement Landmarks (from-to) Average (mm) SD (mm) Range (mm)
Glenoid height A-B 36.6 3.6 31.0-43.6
Glenoid width C-D 27.8 3.1 23.5-34.7
Supraglenoid tubercle to superior screw (entrance) G-E 13.2 3.4 7.0-20.3
Supraglenoid tubercle to scapular notch (centre caudal) G-H 32.7 2.8 26.0-39.0
Superior screw entrance and exit E-I 27.2 6.0 15.0-37.5
Supraglenoid tubercle to superior screw exit in suprascapular notch G-I 26.8 6.5 14.0-37.0
  1. SD standard deviation