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Fig. 1

From: Supervised neuromuscular exercise prior to hip and knee replacement: 12-month clinical effect and cost-utility analysis alongside a randomised controlled trial

Fig. 1

Flow diagram of patients participating in this study. * Co-morbidities (n = 97). Previous fracture in or adjacent to the joint (n = 13) (1 knee). Inflammatory arthritis (n = 11) (5 knee). Revision arthroplasty (n = 7) (4 knee). Previously enrolled with another joint (n = 9) (7 knee). Unicompartemental replacement (knee) (n = 27). Bilateral procedure in same session or within 3 month (n = 16). Necrosis of the femoral head (hip) (n = 6). Neurological disorders (n = 6), Hemiparesis (n = 2), Parkinsons Disorder (n = 2), Dementia (n = 2). Dysplasia of the femoral head (n = 1). Possible cancer metastasis in proximal femur (n = 1). ** The Danish Healthcare System has a one month treatment guarantee. Entering this study meant all patients accepting an additional wait of up to 5 weeks in comparison to the treatment guarantee. After randomization, this additional wait applied only for patients randomized to the 8 week exercise intervention. The control group was operated on when originally scheduled

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