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Table 2 aHow to reduce physical exertion in work

From: Contradictory individualized self-blaming: a cross-sectional study of associations between expectations to managers, coworkers, one-self and risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders among construction workers

How can the physical strain, you experience in work, be reduced? N
More/better assistive devices 140
Staying at home/no clue/it can’t be done 53
Better planning/projecting/worker influence 33
Lighter, easier handled materials 30
More use or availability of crane 24
Helping each other more 19
Better timeframes/more time/less stress and time pressure 18
Better lifting technique/taking care while lifting 16
Better usage of assistive devices 16
Stricter demands from work authority 7b
Forbidding piece rates/better prices so we don’t work so hard 6
Reduced working hours 3
Learning to say no to too hard tasks 3
  1. aThe following perspectives was left out of the table as they were only mentioned once (which of cause does not make them irrelevant): better descriptions of work, equal distribution of tasks in the gang, companies won’t pay for it, economy, accept from the companies, new thinking
  2. bSeven workers propose stricter demands from working authorities as a solution. Whether this would work is a discussion falling outside the scope of this article, however the proposal does not include particular worker agency