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Table 3 Probability of Inflammatory Arthritis, of diagnosis after symptom onset by time point, of correct diagnosis by physician group

From: Improving patient flow of people with rheumatoid arthritis has the potential to simultaneously improve health outcomes and reduce direct costs

  P Reference
Probability of Inflammatory Arthritis
 Probability of a patient presenting with IA (RA or other IA) 0.6438 [10]
Diagnostic Probabilities
 Probability of RA diagnosis within 3 months 0.28 [15]
 Probability of RA diagnosis within 4 to 6 months 0.16 [15].
 Probability of RA diagnosis within 7 to 12 months 0.14 [15].
 Probability of RA diagnosis within 13 to 24 months 0.17 [15]
Probabilities of Diagnostic Skill
 Probability of correct diagnosis by GP 0.15 [15]
 Probability of correct diagnosis by specialist 0.73 [15]
 Probability of correct diagnosis by specialist 0.76 [10]