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Table 1 Background data for the patients (n = 227)

From: Weak outcome predictors of multimodal rehabilitation at one-year follow-up in patients with chronic pain—a practice based evidence study from two SQRP centres

Age (years; mean(SD)) 38.1 (10.1)
Women 81.6%
Highest Education (University) 24.1%
Country of origin (Nordic countries) 91.8%
Currently work or studies (Work/study-now) 28.9%
Own prognosis-RTW (very difficult) 36.8%
RTW-when (never) 18.5%
Chances-restored (not at all) 32.3%
Work-importance (very important) 43.0%
  1. Own prognosis-RTW = Prognosis of return to work/studies; RTW-when = When return to work/studies; Chances-restored = Chances to be fully restored; Work-importance = Significance of work (except economic)