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Table 1 OHSCAR Injury data inclusion and exclusion criteria as described by Orr et al. (2014) [2]

From: Gender differences in load carriage injuries of Australian army soldiers

Descriptor Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Service Type Australian Regular Army Cadets
Army Reserve
Air force
Defence civilian
Incident Description Injury first experienced during a load carriage event, immediately after a load carriage event, or the day following a load carriage event, with no indication of intervening activity Load carriage identified but injury associated with other mechanisms (e.g., running)
Casualty type Serious personal injury Exposurea
  Incapacity Dangerous occurrenceb
  Minor injury  
  1. aExposure data were removed as this information is used to describe exposure to workplace hazards (like noise or radiation) that does not immediately or shortly afterward lead to incidents of injury meeting the inclusion criteria for casualty type
  2. bDangerous occurrence data were removed due to the data’s subjective nature and failure to meet inclusion criteria for casualty type