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Table 4 Summary of outcome measures

From: A comparison of multidisciplinary team residential rehabilitation with conventional outpatient care for the treatment of non-arthritic intra-articular hip pain in UK Military personnel – a protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Primary outcome measurea Data collection instrument
 Function in daily living Subscale of HAGOS
 Physical function, activity level Subscale of HAGOS
 Hip symptoms, numeric pain rating Subscale of HAGOS, subscale of NAHS, VAS
Secondary outcome measuresa
 General health status EuroQol -5D (EQ-5D-3 L)
 Mood, anxiety, depression HADS
 Objective functional performance 6-minute walk test
 Hip range of motion Clinical methods and goniometry
 Dynamic balance/postural control Modified Star Excursion (Y-Balance) Test
 Hip muscle strength Hand held dynamometry
 Treatment efficacy & self efficacy SIRBS
 Adherence to home-based exercise Training Diary and 11-point rating scale
 Patient demographics & past treatment Questionnaire
  1. aThe primary end-point for data analysis is 3-months. All measures will be taken at baseline, post-treatment (1-week MDT group; 6-weeks IP group), 3-months with the exception of patient demographics which will only be assessed at baseline
  2. HAGOS Copenhagen Hip and Groin Outcome Score, NAHS non-arthritic hip score, VAS visual analogue scale, HADS hospital anxiety and depression scale, SIRBS sports injury rehabilitation beliefs survey