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Table 2 Illustrative example of the data provided by the National Board of Health and Welfare regarding the hip replacement patients

From: Linking Swedish health data registers to establish a research database and a shared decision-making tool in hip replacement

Category Description
Cancer case Of the 274,930 total hip replacement patients 79,698 patients had 107,464 cancer cases registered between 1958 and 2013
Death Of the 274,930 total hip replacements 108,771 patients deceased until 2013
Healthcare events Of the 274,930 total hip replacements 274,086 underwent inpatient care at 2,910,848 occasions and 249,912 patients underwent outpatient care at 5,131,759 occasions. Additionally between 1997 and 2000 50,827 patients received inpatient care operations. After year 2000 inpatient care operations are registered in inpatient or outpatient care registries. This data base contains a total of 13,573,599 entries of ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes.
Drug usage The yearly drug usage averaged around 7 million withdrawals by 175,000 patients. The total number of drug withdrawals was 74,427,986.