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Table 1 Overview of the data from the Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register, Statistics Sweden and the National Board of Health and Welfare

From: Linking Swedish health data registers to establish a research database and a shared decision-making tool in hip replacement

Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register Statistics Sweden National Board of Health and Welfare
Variable Category Variable Variable Category Variable Variable Category Variable
Patient factors   Demography Place of birth National Patient Register
Demography Year of birth   Residency Diagnosis International classification of diagnosis (ICD-9/ICD-10)
  Sex   Relocation within Sweden, emigration   Diagnosis related grouping (DRG)
  Weight   Marital status   Main diagnose
  Height   Socioeconomic classification (Care Need Index) Interventions Classification of interventions (KVÅ)
Diagnosis (at hip) International classification of diagnosis (ICD-10) Income Individual disposable income Date Admission
  Laterality   Family disposable income   Discharge
  American Society of Anaesthesiologists (ASA) Physical Status classification Family circumstances Family type   Elective or acute care
Surgical and implant-related variables   Children at home Hospital Hospital name
Hospital Hospital identifier   Number of people in the household   Clinic
Date Date of surgery Education Educational attainment   Administrative category (rural, central, university, private)
Type of surgery Primary, revision, reoperation   Year of graduation from highest education Type of care Outpatient/inpatient
  Total, partial, resurfacing hip replacement     
Implants characteristics Manufacturer Sickness benefits Days with sickness compensation Cause of Death Register  
  Model   Total income due to sickness Cause of death International classification of diagnosis (ICD-9/ICD-10)
  Size   Days with occupational injury compensation Date Date of death
  Type of implant fixation   Total income due to occupational injury Drug Register  
Surgery details Surgical approach   Days with rehabilitation compensation Date Prescription date
Patient-reported variables (preop and 1, 6, 10 years postop)   Total income due to rehabilitation   Withdrawal date
Date Date of completion Unemployment benefits Unemployment classification Drug Name
Musculoskeletal comorbidity Charnley class   Total income from unemployment compensation   Dosage
Pain Visual analogue scale (VAS) hip pain   Days unemployed   Anatomic Therapeutic Chemical classification system (ATC)
Health-related quality of life EuroQol 5 dimensions   Days partly unemployed Cost Patient cost
  EuroQol VAS Welfare benefits Family welfare benefits   Subsidized cost
Satisfaction Satisfaction VAS   Housing benefits Cancer Register
Treatment prior to THR Physiotherapy    Diagnosis International classification of diagnosis (ICD-7 up to ICD-10)
  Patient education     Type (malignant, non-malignant)
      Morphologic classification
      Date of diagnosis