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Fig. 3

From: Risk factors for construct/implant related complications following primary posterior hemivertebra resection: Study on 116 cases with more than 2 years’ follow-up in one medical center

Fig. 3

A 3-year-old girl with congenital scoliosis. Pre-operative radiographs (a, b) showed semi-segmented hemivertebra of L2. Post-operative radiographs (c, d) showed excellent correction by L2 hemivertebra resection. Radiographs at 7 years follow-up (e, f) showed L1 pedicles elongation and right pedicle screw dislodgement. CT scan and 3D reconstruction showed solid fusion at the fused segments was achieved and right pedicle screws dislodgement (i, j, k, l), and implants was removed (g, h)

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