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Table 1 Patient-administered questionnaires for the wrist and the elbow

From: Development and validation of a novel questionnaire for self-determination of the range of motion of wrist and elbow

Questionnaire Joint Self-assessment of ROM Patient-physician validated ROM Literature
Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH) Upper limb No   Beaton et al. [5]
Patient-Rated Elbow Evaluation (PREE) Elbow No   MacDermid et al. [22]
American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons-Elbow Score (ASES-E) Elbow No   King et al. [1]
Broberg and Morrey rating system (BMS) Elbow No   Broberg et al. [23]
Elbow Self-Assessment Score (ESAS) Elbow Yes No Beirer et al. [6]
Oxford Elbow Score (OES) Elbow No   Dawson et al. [24]
Liverpool Elbow Score (LES) Elbow No   Sathyamoorthy et al. [16]
Patient-Rated Tennis Elbow Evaluation Questionnaire (PRTEE) Elbow No   Vincent et al. [25]
Ewald scoring system Elbow No   Ewald [26]
Khalfayan score Elbow No   Khalfayan et al. [27]
Patient-Rated Wrist Evaluation (PRWE) Wrist No   MacDermid et al. [28]
Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire (MHOQ) Wrist No   Chung et al. [29]
Musculoskeletal Functional Assessment (MFA) Upper limb No   Engelberg et al. [30]
Modern Activity Subjective Survey of 2007 (MASS07) Wrist No   Alexander et al. [4]
Levine Questionnaire (LQ) Wrist No   Levine et al. [31]
Mayo Wrist Score Wrist Yes No Cooney et al. [32]
Cooney and Bussey Score Wrist Yes No Cooney et al. [33]
Adelaide Questionnaire Wrist No   Bialocerkowski [34]
Munich Wrist Questionnaire Wrist Yes No Beirer et al. [35]