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Table 4 Patients characteristics associated with hospitalization for musculoskeletal conditions: Cox proportional hazard models adjusted for treatment group at baseline

From: Hospitalization for musculoskeletal disorders in rheumatoid arthritis patients: a population-based study

Demographics 2002–2006 2007–2011
Use of health services in prior year   
Visit to Rheumatologist - 0.51 (0.30, 0.86)
Comorbidity in prior year   
Ischemic heart disease 2.34 (1.32, 4.13) 2.69 (1.38, 5.22)
Medication use in prior year   
Antihypertensives 0.71 (0.47, 1.08) -
  1. Also adjusted for patient characteristics listed in Table 2. Only significant associations are reported in this table