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Table 1 Summary of outcome measures and respective collection method

From: Rationale, design and protocol of a longitudinal study assessing the effect of total knee arthroplasty on habitual physical activity and sedentary behavior in adults with osteoarthritis

Outcome Variables Measurement method Time points (months)
Primary Habitual physical activity Accelerometry (ActiGraph worn on the hip) 0, 1.5, 6
  Sedentary behaviour Accelerometry (activPAL worn on thigh) 0, 1.5, 6
Secondary Knee OA-specific functional ability and quality of life WOMAC 0, 1.5, 6
  Activity UCLA activity index 0, 1.5, 6
  Pain VAS 0, 1.5, 6
  Sleep quality Sleep questionnaire 0, 1.5, 6