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Table 2 Overview of measurement protocol and related measurement properties evaluation

From: The Shoulder Function Index (SFInX): evaluation of its measurement properties in people recovering from a proximal humeral fracture

  Recruitment Follow up 1 (6 weeks later) Follow up 2 (7 weeks later)
General information Demographic data, QoL   
‘Shoulder function’ DASH, SFInX, Constant Score DASH, SFInX, Constant Score DASH, SFInX, Constant Score
Perception of change   ‘Overall perception of change’-scale ‘Overall perception of change’-scale
Measurement property Assessment point
Initial Follow up 1 Follow up 2
Intra-rater reliability SFInX  
Inter-rater reliability SFInXa
 Discriminant and Known-groups   
 Longitudinal (or responsiveness)  
  1. a: paired ratings were collected at the same assessment point