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Table 1 Components of the two intervention protocol used in the trial

From: PREPARE: Pre-surgery physiotherapy for patients with degenerative lumbar spine disorder: a randomized controlled trial protocol

Treatment components Waiting list group Pre-surgery physiotherapy group
1a. Specific movement and mobilisation
 - Mechanical loading strategies; repeated movements according to directional preference, mobilisation, and integration in a functional restoration program.
1b. Motor control exercise
 - Exercise focused on trunk and pelvic floor muscle activation and integration in a functional restoration program
1c. Traction
 - Manual Traction producing symptom reduction
2. Tailor-made general supervised exercise program
 - Individualised prescription (type of exercise and load) of aerobic, resistance, flexibility exercises with information documents and checklist for treatment, progression and dosage
3. Behavioral approach:
 - Goal setting (establishment and regular reviews)
 - Strategies to minimize barriers to goal attainment, for example education regarding; ergonomics, postural alignment, patho-anatomical/physiological explanation
 - Self-mediated home exercise and physical activities (logbook)
Advice regarding general physical activity recommendations
Education regarding surgery
Education regarding post-surgical rehabilitation
Pre-surgical re-evaluation
  1. Spinal surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation in both groups is performed according to existing clinical routine [5]
  2. component mandatory, X component not allowed, TBC treatment based classification component with modifications