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Table 1 Data collection timeline

From: A randomized, double-blind sham-controlled trial on the efficacy of arthroscopic tennis elbow release for the management of chronic lateral epicondylitis

Variable BaselineaPreoperative T = 2 weeks Postoperative T = 6 weeks Postoperative T = 3 months Postoperative T = 6 months Postoperative T = 1 yearbPostoperative T = 2 years Postoperative
Patient demographics
 Age (years) X       
 Sex (M/F) X       
 Duration of symptoms (months) X       
 Arm affected (L/R) X       
 Dominant arm (L/R) X       
 Height (cm) X       
 Weight (kg) X       
 Body-Mass Index (BMI) X       
 Occupation X       
 Smoker (Y/N) X       
 Diabetic (Y/N) X       
Outcome measure
 MEPSc X    X X X X
QuickDASH X    X X X X
 ASES-e X    X X X X
 Grip strength (grip dynamometer) X    X X X X
 Return to work (Y/N)     X X X X
 Complications   X X X X X X
  1. aSecond clinical visit
  2. bPrimary endpoint
  3. cPrimary outcome measure