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Table 1 Educational content covered on a weekly basis during the intervention

From: Significant improvements in pain after a six-week physiotherapist-led exercise and education intervention, in patients with osteoarthritis awaiting arthroplasty, in South Africa: a randomised controlled trial

Topic for the week Content covered
Week 1: Osteoarthritis, self-management and exercise Pathology of OA. What is meant by “self-management”? Self-management steps.Action plans, goal setting. Exercise dos and don’ts. Types of exercise, steps tosuccess with exercise. An exercise routine.
Week 2: Managing common symptoms Physiology of acute and chronic pain. Pain and flare ups of pain. Swelling.Joint protection, assistive devices. Pacing and activity/resting cycles.Fatigue, frustration, isolation.
Week 3: Stress management What is stress? Managing stress. Sleep management. Communication withyour health carer. Relaxation skills.
Week 4: Eating well Balanced nutrition. Dealing with barriers to eating well. Food safety,weight loss benefits.
Week 5: Medication and disease related problem solving Making informed treatment decisions. Appropriate use of medications.Link between a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and exercise. Communicatingeffectively with family, friends, and health professionals with regardsto your problems.
Week 6: Continuing as a successful self-manager Recap of key components of successful self-managing, Action planning forthe future. Reflection on changes.