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Table 2 Schedule of events

From: The value of arthroscopy in the treatment of complex ankle fractures – a protocol of a randomised controlled trial

Assessment Screening Enrolment Surgery 6 weeks 6 months 12 months Yearly follow-up
Screening form x       
Informed consent x       
Randomisation   x      
Baseline characteristics form   x      
Ankle characteristics/ Physical examination   x   x x x x
Surgical form    x     
Arthroscopic findings form    x     
Perioperative form    x     
Follow-up form     x x x x
X-ray/CT x   x x (x) x (x)
Pain Visual Analogue Scale   x   x x x x
Short-form 12   x   x x x x
American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society Score     x x x x
Japanese Society of Surgery of the Foot Score     x x x x
Olerud and Molander Score     x x x x
Karlsson Score     x x x x
Tegner Activity Scale   x   x x x x
Complications    x x x x x