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Table 4 Primary and Secondary Outcome measures

From: Exercise and load modification versus corticosteroid injection versus ‘wait and see’ for persistent gluteus medius/minimus tendinopathy (the LEAP trial): a protocol for a randomised clinical trial

Primary outcomes Measurement Baseline 4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks 26 weeks 52 weeks
 Average Pain over the last week 11-point Pain Numeric Rating Scale (NRS), with terminal descriptors of 0 = ‘no pain’ and 10 = ‘worst pain possible’
 Perceived overall change in condition of Hip Global Rating of Change Scale  
Secondary Outcomes Measurement       
 Global Impact of pain Lateral Hip Pain Questionnaire
 Function Patient Specific Functional Scale
 Quality of life EuroQoL
 Muscle strength Static painfree abductor muscle strength     
 Muscle Function Active Lag Abductor Muscles     
 Pain Catastrophising Pain Catastophising Scale
 Depression PHQ-9
 Pain and Function VISA-G
 Pain Self-Efficacy Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire
 Physical Activity Levels Active Australia Survey
 Economic Costs OCC-Q    
  1. EuroQoL European quality of life questionnaire, PHQ-9 patient health questionnaire-9; OCC-Q osteoarthritis costs and consequences questionnaires