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Table 1 Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

From: Exercise and load modification versus corticosteroid injection versus ‘wait and see’ for persistent gluteus medius/minimus tendinopathy (the LEAP trial): a protocol for a randomised clinical trial

Inclusion criteria
 Lateral hip pain, worst over the greater trochanter, present for a minimum of 3 months
 Age 35–70 years
 Pain at an average intensity of ≥4 out of 10 on most days of the week.
 Tenderness on palpation of the greater trochanter
 Reproduction of pain on at least one of five diagnostic clinical tests (FABER test, Static muscle contraction in FABER position, FADER test, Adduction test, Static muscle contraction in Adduction position i.e. resisted abduction) or single leg stand
 Demonstrated tendon pathology on MRI (see Table 2 for criteria)
Exclusion Criteria
 Previous cortisone injection in the region of the lateral hip in the last 12 months
 Physiotherapy intervention or regular appropriate Pilates in the last 3 months
 Lumbar spine or lower limb surgery in the previous 6 months
 Any known advanced hip joint pathology where groin pain is the primary complaint and/or where groin pain is experienced at an average intensity of ≥2 on most days of the week, or Kellgren-Lawrence score of >2 (mild) on XRay.
 Where range of pure hip joint flexion is <90°
 Significant signs of lumbar pathology
 Known advanced knee pathology or restricted range of knee motion (must have minimum 90° flexion and full extension)
 Any systemic diseases affecting the muscular or nervous system, and uncontrolled diabetes
 Malignant tumour
 Systemic inflammatory disease
 Any factors that would preclude the participant from having an MRI (e.g. pacemaker, metal implants, pregnancy, claustrophobia)
 If the participant is involved in a legal/workcover/TAC or other injury claim
 If the participant is unable to commit to an 8 week exercise programme with twice weekly supervised sessions
 Fear of needles (trypanophobia)
 If the participant is unable to write, read or comprehend English