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Table 6 Correlations between SMF, PSF and 4-years KSS-Knee scores

From: Surgically modifiable factors measured by computer-navigation together with patient-specific factors predict knee society score after total knee arthroplasty

Potential predictors surgically modifiable variables KSS-K
Femoral Joint Line Change max (FJLCmax) .18**
Femoral Joint Line Change min (FJLCmin) .12**
Femoral Component Slope (FS) .06
Tibial Joint Line Change (TJLC) -.06
Tibial Component Slope (TCS) .18**
Extension Gap Size Medial (EGSmed) .06
Extension Gap Size Lateral (EGSlat) .16**
Extension Gap Difference Med-Lat (EGDM-L) .21**
Flexion Gap Size Medial (FGSmed) .01
Flexion Gap Size Lateral (FGSlat) -.09
Flexion Gap Difference Med-Lat (FGDM-L) -.09
Flexion-Extension Gap Difference (FEGD) -.16**
Femoral Offset Changes Medial (FOCmed) -.11**
Femoral Offset Changes Lateral (FOClat) -.07
Femoral Rotation (FR) .11**
Patient-specific factors  
Body weight -.11
Body height -.04**
BMI -.09**
Age .00
KSS-K Preoperatively -.17*
Maximal knee Flexion (MKF) Preoperatively -.04
Mean (KSS-K) ± SD 87.2 ± 10.3
  1. Potential predictors with a statistically significant linear relationship for (*) p< 0.5 or (**) p< .20 in bold