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Table 1 Comparison of Background Factors of Patients Between groups I and IIa

From: Effects of initial graft tension on clinical outcome after anatomic double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: comparison of two graft tension protocols

Background Factors Group I (N=44) Group II (N=53) P value
Mean age in years (range) 27 (14–57) 26 (15–50) 0.5347
Male/female ratio 30:14 31:22 0.3253
Mean interval between injury and operation (month) 14 16 0.3844
Meniscal injury (partial meniscectomy/repair) 12/2 10/5 0.4522
Mean height in cm (standard deviation) 167(8) 170(9) 0.0890
Mean mass in kg (standard deviation) 66(11) 67(11) 0.6568
  1. aThere were no significant differences between the 2 groups. Group I. 40N-40N at 30° fixation group; Group II, 30N-30N at 10°fixation group