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Table 1 Search strategy and Search terms using PICOS analysis

From: What are we measuring? A critique of range of motion methods currently in use for Dupuytren’s disease and recommendations for practice

  Definition Main Search Terms for Ovid Medline Strategy (Subject heading (/) and free text terms ($ indicates truncation; adj3 finds terms within 2 words of each other)
Participants Persons with Dupuytren’s disease Dupuytren’s contracture/or dupuytren $
Intervention Surgical treatment including percutaneous or collagenase injection for Dupuytren's disease of the hand. Exp surgical procedures, operative/or surg$ or fasciectom$ or fasciotom$ or dermofasciectom$ or open palm or mccash or aponeurectom$ or aponeurotom$.mp. Injections/or injections, Intralesional/or inject$ or collagenases/ or microbial collagenases/or collagenase$
Comparisons Not applicable  
Outcomes Range of motion/movement Exp treatment outcome/or outcome assessment (healthcare)/or outcome$ or hand$ adj3 function$/or exp range of motion, articular/or range of motion or follow-up studies/or disability evaluation/or disab$ adj3 eval$ or disab adj3 assess$ or efficac$
Study design All Included:-Screen search results manually to include RCT’s and non-randomised controlled clinical trials, prospective and retrospective case series. Excluded:-Case studies and conference papers. Screened using study eligibility tool