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Table 3 Median of DAS components in visits where medication is not increased when patients have moderate/high disease activity

From: DAS steered therapy in clinical practice; cross-sectional results from the METEOR database

  DAS > 2.4 and medication not increased
N = 1028 visits Median (IQR)
VASpta 60.0 (46.0–72.8)
SJCa 4.0 (2.0–8.0)
TJCa 6.0 (4.0–8.0)
ESRa 25.0 (11.0–38.0)b
  1. aESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate, VASpt Patient assessment of Global Disease Activity, TJC Tender Joint Count, SJC Swollen Joint Count
  2. bn = 1 missing visit for ESR