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Table 4 Association between change in meniscal tears and knee structures on MRI over 8 years

From: Natural history and clinical significance of meniscal tears over 8 years in a midlife cohort

  β (95 % CI) β (95 % CI) Risk ratio (95 % CI)
Adjusteda Adjusteda Adjusteda
Change in tears (site) Cartilage volume loss Change in BMLs Change in meniscal extrusion
  Total tibiofemoral Total tibiofemoral Total knee
Total knee −52 (−208, +102) +0.41 (+0.29, +0.52) N/A
  Medial tibiofemoral Medial tibiofemoral Medial meniscus
Total medial −176 (−302, −49) +0.33 (+0.22, +0.43) 1.53 (1.14, 2.03)
  Lateral tibiofemoral Lateral tibiofemoral Lateral meniscus
Total lateral +143 (−731, +1018) +0.26 (+0.10, +0.41) N/A
  1. Bold font denotes statistically significant (p = <0.05) results
  2. (No significant offspring-control interaction at any site for the association between change in meniscal tears and change in BMLs)
  3. Note: Not enough change in lateral meniscal extrusion for analysis due to lack of power
  4. aadjusted for age, sex, bmi, offspring-control status, cartilage volume loss, change in BMLs, cartilage defects and meniscal extrusion, and ROA at visit-1