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Table 1 Scheme of methods of present study

From: Diagnostic utility of joint fluid metal ion measurement for histopathological findings in metal-on-metal hip replacements

Research question Statistical method Outcome
1) Is there association between joint fluid metal ion levels with histological observations? Spearman rank correlation coefficient Higher value of significant coefficient indicates higher association with metal ion levels and histological findings
2) Do cobalt and chrome levels in joint offer good or excellent discriminative ability predicting histological findings? Value and significance of AUC in ROC curve using Obuchowski method AUC of >0.75 indicates good or excellent AUC. Sample size criterion must be met to produce significant AUC
3) What is the sensitivity and specificity of optimal cut-off value for chrome and cobalt levels predicting histopathological findings? Youden J -statistic Produces optimal threshold (or cut-off) value defined as maximal distance from ROC curve to diagonal line