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Table 3 Age (years) at the time of study participation, orthopaedic procedures, and side and age at performed surgery

From: Gait dynamics in the wide spectrum of children with arthrogryposis: a descriptive study

Subject Age Orthopaedic procedures and age at performed surgery
1 5.2 Ponseti + Achilles tenotomy bi [0.5y]; Ponseti + Achilles tenotomy and dorsal capsulotomy bi [1y]; Ponseti + Achilles tenotomy bi [3y]
2 5.4 Quadriceps lenghtening bi, vertical talus R [3y]; Open hip reduction with femoral derotation and varus osteotomy, pelvic osteotomy R [4y]
3 16.6 Club foot bi [1y]; Pelvic osteotomy R [6y]; Pelvic osteotomy L [9y]
4 16.9 Club foot bi [1y]; Correction osteotomy foot bi, Extension osteotomy distal femur bi [6y]; Guided growth (plate and screws) distal femur bi [11y]
5 17.8 Club foot bi [<1y]; Hamstring lengthening bi [5y]; Lengthening of flexor hallucis longus and capsulotomy R [15y]
6 5.0 Ponseti L, Redression of vertical talus and knee dislocation R, Achilles tenotomy bi [<0.5y]; Club foot L, Vertical talus R, Extension osteotomy distal femur L, Quadriceps lengthening R [1y]; Achilles lengthening, dorsal capsulotomy bi [4y]
7 5.7 Ponseti [<0.5y]; Achilles tenotomy, tibialis anterior transfer bi [3y]
8 5.7 Open reduction hip L, vertical talus R [<1y]; Vertical talus L [1.5y]
9 6.0 Vertical talus bi [3.5y]
10 6.1 Ponseti + Achilles tenotomy bi [<1y]; Club foot bi, Open reduction hip R [1y]; Club foot, decancellation of cuboid and tibialis anterior transfer bi [2.5y]
11 8.8 Vertical talus bi [5y]
12 10.4 Ponseti + Achilles tenotomy R [<0.5y]; Excision of pterygium + lengthening skin plasty, Achilles lengthening, dorsal capsulotomy, tibialis anterior transfer R [7.5y]
13 13.2 Insertion of VEPTR for correction of scoliosis [7y]; Three expanions of VEPTR [8 - 9.5y]; Achilles lengthening, dorsal capsulotomy R, Spine fusion [10.5y]
14 13.8 Talectomy L [1y]; Talectomy R [1.5y]
15 16.7 Achilles tenotomy bi, Toe flexor tenotomy L [<0.5y]; Club foot bi [1y]; Club foot and cuboid osteotomy L [3y]
16 5.3 Achilles tenotomy, oblique talus [1.5y]
17 6.5 Quadriceps lenghtening bi, Achilles tenotomy R [1y]
18 8.2 Excision of pterygium + skin lengthening plasty, Achilles lengthening bi [<1y]; Achilles lengthening, skin lengthening plasty bi [3y]
19 8.7 Club foot bi [1y]
20 10.1 -
21 11.9 Open reduction hip bi, Club foot L [1.5y]
22 12.2 -
23 13.2 Open reduction hip and femoral varus osteotomy L [2.5y]; Open reduction hip and femoral varus osteotomy R [3y]; Femoral valgus osteotomy [6.5y]
24 14.6 Spine fusion [13.5y]
25 15.1 Guided growth (plate and screws) distal femur bi, Achilles lengthening, dorsal capsulotomy R [12.5y]
26 16.6 Pelvis osteotomy R, femoral osteotomy L [1y]; Pelvis and femoral osteotomy L [9.5y]; Pelvis and femoral osteotomy R [10.5y]; Femoral physiodesis R [11.5y]
  1. Bi bilaterally, y years, R right, L left, VEPTR vertical expandable prosthetic titanium rib