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Table 1 Potential predictors considered in the full model

From: The Amsterdam wrist rules: the multicenter prospective derivation and external validation of a clinical decision rule for the use of radiography in acute wrist trauma

Sex (if male)  
Age (continuous)  
Swelling of wrist  
Swelling of the anatomical snuffbox  
Visible deformation  
Distal radius tender to palpation  
Distal ulna tender to palpation  
Anatomical snuffbox tender to palpation  
Scaphoid tubercle tender to palpation  
Active mobility painful  
 palmar flexion  
 ulnar deviation  
 radial deviation  
Functional tests painful  
 radioulnar ballottement testa  
 axial compression of forearm  
 axial compression thumb  
 pinch grip test  
  1. aTest is positive if pain occurs when the ulna is translated from volar to dorsal while the radius manually fixated Except for age, all predictors were ordinal and coded yes (if present) or no (of not present)